Meet The Team

BoD - Board of Directors is composed of three professional individual with different occupation and experience with civil society. BoD of IVSP has three major legal responsibilities: Pay attention to the organization’s activities and operations; Put the interests of the organization before personal and professional interests and Comply with applicable state, and local laws; adhere to the organization’s bylaws; and remain the guardians of the mission.

            Major responsibilities of BoD are to: Establish Organizational Identity by Ensuring Effective Planning and Determine Mission and Purposes of IAPS/IVSP; Advocate for Them; Ensure Adequate Financial Resources; Enhance the Organization’s Public Standing. Major responsibility of IAPS/IVSP BoD is to Provide Oversight of the organization by Supporting and Evaluating the Executive Director and Monitor and Strengthen Programs and Services; Protect Assets and Provide Financial and Oversight Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity.